Sunday, July 8, 2012

July "It Girl" Julep Maven Box

Last week my July Julep Maven Box arrived in the mail! For those of you who aren't familiar, Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service (think Birchbox, just for nails). It's $20 a month and they advertise that each month you receive at least $40 worth of nail products. I signed up a few months ago when they were having a promotion to get your first box for $0.01 (who could resist that!). I really like that they allow you to look at what is going to be coming in your next box and give you the option to skip it if you aren't completely enthused. I have skipped the last couple of months due to the color selections, however when they offered an additional 4th of July themed glitter polish in this months box, I decided to treat myself. Four pretty polishes for $20 (when a single Julep will cost you $14 at Sephora) seemed like a pretty good deal to me! I did a little photo session when unboxing, so check out the pics below to see what you're missing!

 Such an exciting little package to see in your mailbox!

All decked out for 4th of July! Even included a simple tutorial!

The polishes all snuggled up and safe for travel.

From Left to Right: Kate, Mila, America, Daphne

They even threw in some of those Atomic Firebomb candies which I thought was a very cute touch and a nice throwback to middle school for me! If you want to check out Julep Maven for yourself click the link below and get excited for August!


  1. The quiz was fun! What was "your style"? Mine was American Beauty - surprise surprise.

    1. They tell me I'm an It Girl... I think because of my obsession with bright colors! I do love that if you like one of the other style boxes better you can choose to receive that one for that month so you aren't stuck with what they decide is "your style".