Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another Reverse French Manicure

So... I am little bit obsessed with this lately. Pretty much every plain old manicure I do, I repaint the 2nd or 3rd day with a reverse french. It is an awesome way for me to deal with my OCD regarding chipped tips and draw a little extra attention to those digits. I especially love incorporating a bright neon color that might be a little too much for the average working lady. This combo is probably still a little out there since the blue is not exactly office friendly, but for a girl like me, with over the top taste in polish, it is AWESOME. :)

I started with a full manicure of China Glaze - Shocking Pink. This is a bright neon pink that I showcased in my last post. I wore the all-pink mani for a day or two, so it was completely dry and had a coat of topcoat on it before I started with the blue.

The top color in this combo mani is another China Glaze color (I knew you would start to see the pattern here lol), Frostbite. I layered this on top, leaving a small half moon of the pink visible near the cuticle.

Frostbite, is an awesome blue on its own. It seriously glows. When I first picked it up I wore it for a week straight then painted my toes with it and wore it for a solid month on my piggly wigglies. Even if you don't like wearing blues, chances are you will love this color. I can not stop looking at my nails when I wear it.

The two of these together is awesome, I have gotten 17,000 compliments on it and keep flashing my nails around like it is nobody's business. This is a bright, fun, eye-catching combo that I love and will definitely wear again. I definitely encourage you to play around with layering your polishes as it is a fun, fresh way to wear some of your old regular favorites.

Happy painting and a blessed Easter!

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